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About Our Magazine

Welcome to Breaking Perspectives, a brand new, international, and "border-free" magazine. Our magazine is about seeing life from different perspectives. Us humans, we tend to see life and all its big and tiny day-to-day aspects from one perspective. We might see ourselves as a rational scientist, or a spiritual person; we might call ourselves a Humanist, or a Buddhist. Our particular way of seeing may be from our culture or our family, or it might be something that we've picked up from around us.

In daily life, this might mean that we consider a vegetarian meal boring or that getting up late means we are lazy. We might say that only willpower can help us lose weight or stop smoking, or that being single is a sad way to live. It also means that our choice of magazine, blog, newspaper is affected by this, as well as the type of people we surround ourselves with, and our chosen lifestyle. 

Whatever our perspective on life is, we feel comfortable with it, it makes sense to us, we feel it is a truth. And when we hear another perspective, we tend to resist it. But when you think about it, there was a time when photographs were considered a reflection of truth, and certain scientific conclusions may have changed over the years. So how true were those truths such as these? And how much does our truth, which tends to run the show in the background of our mind, fit us? It might, it might not. Would it not be good to know? Plus, what would happen if we resisted the urge to immediately form an opinion about something we read or hear, but just let this new information settle, and see what happens?  

Enter our magazine. Our content reflects a diverse range of perspectives and points of view on the way we live, work and love, as well as in the areas of health, mind and body. We have long and short articles, whatever suits your mood. Sometimes a little bit philosophical and reflective, then a bit more rational or analytical, Breaking Perspectives is for anyone who has a curious mindset. There are no conclusions, standpoints or advice. Above all, it is still developing, and we hope it will always be. We hope you like our magazine. If you have any questions, fancy a chat, or would like to take part in it, please make sure to Contact Us.

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I only work in fancy offices

Femke, Chief (Editor) and Feature Writer

Trained as a professional camera woman and post-graduate journalist, and drawing on my background in TV, corporate camera work and teaching, I write background features on niche topics for international publishers. I have acted as chief editor and background feature writer for a variety of international business, trade and B2B titles, and have taught at the London School of Journalism. I have also for years freelanced as a camera operator on a variety of TV, commercial, studio and location productions around the world. You can find more details here on LinkedIn. Having worked and lived in the UK for nearly 30 years, more recently I decided, for now, to return to my roots, the Netherlands. I am intrigued by all things philosophical, scientific, spiritual, as well as how the mind works and what makes people tick. But I prefer to do so without siding with one school of thought, and instead to continue to learn about all there is.

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Jeroen by day

Jeroen, Joomla Master and Perspectivator

Dad by day, free thinker by night. Hobby theologist, philosopher, and perspectivator by heart. Social worker and therapist by profession. Trying to contribute towards awareness in my own life and that of others. Website builder, CSS and usability expert, and, although Joomla is pretty new to me, I think I managed to fix some issues here! You can find out more about me on LinkedIn.

Please note that our content is created in good faith. It does not serve as advice, medical or otherwise. If anything needs updating, changing or amending, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Ready to mix things up a bit? Less following, influencing, taking a stance and giving an opinion: more reflecting on different perspectives on life? Check out our content!

About Us

Breaking Perspectives is about seeing life from more than one perspective. It is brand new and features various points of view in our daily personal and working lives. Seeing things from a variety of perspectives might not come naturally to us, but if it did, it could improve our lives as well as the world. Let's see where things may take us! Read more

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All our content is created in good faith. It does not serve as advice, medical or otherwise. If anything needs updating, changing or amending, please Contact Us

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