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Are you ready to take a look behind the veil of some of our commonest perspectives? New content will be uploaded regularly, and here are some of the topics we will be covering soon.

Friendships: Do we choose friends that are like us in the way we view life and live it, or those that are the opposite? When we do the latter, do we do this because we accept our differences — aka agree to differ — or because we can learn from each other? And if we self-develop and change, but they will not and become too different to us, will we decide to end our friendship? A few ways of looking at friendships and what effect our approach might have on ourselves as well as on our relationship as friends.

Urban rooftop gardening as a business. It's not just farming, it's not just a rooftop, it's not just an ordinary building, it's not just any business. All over the world people are changing the way we think about agriculture, and they are doing it from city rooftops. Some are on very high buildings, many are selling to local restaurants and residents down below, some sell from their bicycles and trailers, and most are creating clever ideas on how to water their plants on a roof, to being able to withstand droughts as well as floods.   

More than just "what we eat": It's a vegan life. Many of us know about vegan food, and that veganism is better for the planet. But, when it comes to the world of veganism, we might be less familiar with some of the other global developments in the areas of business, entrepreneurialism, art, politics, and music and business career opportunities, or what it really means to have a vegan life. Here we get a glimpse into the world of veganism.

How we raise and educate our children: A few perspectives. When adults raise children they can opt for a free method, leaving children to grow and learn in their own time and ways, some might call this free-range parenting. Or they can use a stricter way. The latter can be an anthroposophical viewpoint on how children, whose brains and life experience haven't developed certain aspects yet, might need guidance in life. Some people might also change their viewpoint later in life. Here we explore a few viewpoints.

The benefits of Imposter Syndrome and Fear of Failure at work. Whereas our ''darker sides'' such as making mistakes, doubting ourselves, doubting our decisions, imposter syndrome, changing our mind often etc are often considered a bad thing, seeing things from a different perspective can be a good thing? When and how can we learn to embrace them? Here we look at another perspective to what it means to being yourself at work. 

The art of living a Loser Life: One of the most well-known narratives in today's world says that we need to be ambitious and hard working to be successful and liked in life. Relaxing and doing nothing are acceptable, but on the weekends and holidays. There are more people however, opting for a different way of living, more in tune with the latter. What are the potential benefits of such a "Loser Life"? 

Who doesn’t love to travel? Travel opens our mind, gives us perspective, and helps us find ourselves. Right? We look at some other perspectives. For example: When we are so busy making travel happen, running round looking for “the sites,” finding ourselves, or finding exciting new cultures, could we be overlooking things? Do we really experience the places that we visit? 

Healing inside our comfort zone. The self-development world has been telling us for long that most growth takes place outside our comfort zone. That we need to go through fears, take risks, leave our comfort zone, and learn to grow.  But does this apply to everyone, or society as a whole?

Pension and retirements: Some different visions. Stories, ideas, visions, about a different approach to retiring and pension: from the perspective of money as well as from life.

Climate change: Scary Monsters, or Opportunity? We could see climate change as a huge, unknown, scary dark cloud coming closer and closer, one that ultimately might end all life on earth. What would happen if we saw it as an opportunity, to give it our all? An opportunity to go down in history as change makers?

"Hippie Ville": We live differently. New types of villages and ways of living are emerging around the world, such as a new village movement for older generations looking for new ways to stay independent and live a happy life, and modern eco villages around the globe that have far transcended the image of “hippie ville”.

Our cars and us. Cars bring us freedom, and we cannot live without them. We organise our lives around having a car, and you could say, and we have become 100% dependable on it. Can it be any other way? Believe it or not, there are people who say you can. That by shifting our minds, and the pivotal point in our lives, we can live without a car without too many drawbacks. And even a lot of benefits!

Blurring lines between life, work and spirituality. Feature about ‘omni-preneurship' in work and business: Bridging the gap between life, spirituality and entrepreneurship.

Candlelit dinner for two. Most of our courting and relationship arrangements tend to be based on traditional rituals. Here we look at one rather unusual way of thinking: The platonic relationship.

The new world of dogs: Separation Anxiety. Today, there seem to be more and more people that have a ‘’problem dog," and they nearly all seem to suffer from ‘’separation anxiety." Meanwhile, more and more dogs are spending longer and longer days alone. Time to take another look at the perspective from which we view our dogs?


Panorama of autumn woods and sky

Ready to mix things up a bit? Less following, influencing, taking a stance and giving an opinion: more reflecting on different perspectives on life? Check out our content!

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