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Downshifting...but then the easy way

People looking to simplify their life, with more meaning and less rat race, often have to say goodbye to their job, their family, their country. Here, right in the middle of the Netherlands, there are a bunch of people who have managed to simplify their lives, but without the big changes.…

Sad and lonely: Are you still left on that shelf!?

The notion that single people are sad and lonely, living unfulfilled lives, waiting for someone to come along, continues to exist all around us. It's in the films we watch, the music we listen to, the conversations we have. But, how much of this is a perspective and how much…

Workplace psychology: The dynamics of our 'workplace family'

More and more people have heard about the dynamics of our 'family of origin' and its effect on the relationships in our daily lives. Our need to please, inability to say no, automatic reactions, and false beliefs about ourselves formed when we were young. But, these kinds of old family…

Everything connected: Unique Dutch research links food, biodiversity, human heal

Are naturally-grown fruits and vegetables essentially healthier than those grown conventionally? And what is the connection with the soil and the bacteria that eventually end up in our gut? Not much scientific research seems to have been done in this area. But that is about to change. With its latest…

Merging ancient and modern: Integrative Health

Specialist Feature What do the body's healing system, the mind-body connection, ancient healing, prevention, meditation, self care, yoga, empowered patients, lifestyle medicine, the microbiome, breathwork, hypnosis (etc, etc, etc)..... AND conventional healthcare all have to do with each other? Everything, say the creators of the UK’s Integrative Health Convention. Health…

Breaking into Song/ Breaking Boundaries/ Breaking Silence/ Breaking the Rules/ Breaking a Habit/ Breaking Waves/ Breakthrough/ Break of Dawn/ Big Break/ Breaking the Sky / Glass Ceiling Breaker

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Highlighting the world's developments in new ways of thinking
The world’s largest trial of 4 Day Week Global in the United Kingdom (UK) has reached its halfway point. 4 Day Week Global, a multinational coalition of businesspeople, academics, researchers and authors collaborating to make the productivity-focused flexible work model a reality, is said to be driving the biggest change in work since the shift to a five-day week a century ago. With programmes around the world, now another positive picture is slowly emerging from its biggest in the UK. Has the way we work changed forever?   The four-day week pilot programme of 4 Day Week Global is being adopted all over the world in…
We already know that a dog is our best friend. But the powerful images and stories of the books of the a Philadelphia photographer's Woman's Best Friend Project reveal that dogs can also be much more than that. The images are testimony to the fact that dogs can help us through life's ups and downs. And that they can do this when no one else can.    When Kristen Kidd was taking photos at animal shelters of employees and adopters, she discovered how many people were ready to share their personal stories. It was particularly women who told stories that highlighted how their…
A novel UK charity is working combine the know-how of vets, general practioners and researchers, in order to benefit the health of both humans and animals. The Humanimal Trust aims to drive this unique kind of collaboration so that all humans and animals can benefit from what the UK trust calls 'sustainable and equal medical progress.'   The groundbreaking Humanimal Trust was founded in 2014 by orthopaedic-neuro veterinary surgeon Professor Noel Fitzpatrick. He calls his approach ‘One Medicine,’ as it promotes advances in both human and animal medicine. According to Fitzpatrick, it is through closer cooperation and mutual learning that results can…
A novel organisation called the Impact Shakers Awards, is putting the types of new-thinking organisations that advocate entrepreneurship as the best vehicle for change, in the limelight. The awards were created to help tackle complex societal challenges, for example through inclusive entrepreneurship, and its first winners were announced this summer. Particular areas of consideration were energy, food and health, as the organisers are looking at how innovative entrepreneurs are getting ready for the world of tomorrow.   The CEO of Impact Shakers Yonca Braeckman said: "The goal of the awards is to help create a fertile environment in which impact-driven start-ups can grow into strong…
The UK has become the backdrop of the biggest ever four-day week pilot in the world, as 70 companies and more than 3300 employees are trying their hand at a new way of working. The pilot is based on the idea that working less but smarter means not only no loss of pay, but also that workers stand to gain a lot in areas such as health and wellbeing. British workers are internationally known for putting in some of the longest hours a week, aka "all work and no play," and with any pilot programme designed to gain in many other…
The biodynamic farm approach: Thanks to the latest Goetheanum online training we can now all grow climate-resilient, healthy vegetables and play a role in a healthier future of the planet.   Whether we are a farmer with a lot of experience or someone with a vegetable garden: If we choose to use a biodynamic perspective, we can expect a more resilient crop, also in times of extreme climate. Plus, we will be doing our bit for the planet, says the Swiss Goetheanum School of Spiritual Science. So, the school is currently offering new online science-based courses and podcasts in the biodynamic farm…

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