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A new global paradigm: The end of the rat race?

A few years ago, no one would have thought that working from home, working less hours, or saying no to an eager employer who has just called you on the weekend could not only be possible, but beneficial to productivity, the economy, and our health. But as countries and big…

Merging ancient and modern: Integrative Health Part 2

Specialist Feature In Part 1 of this special essay for Breaking Perspectives, Dr. Toh Wong and Dr. Akthar helped us discover the background and direction of integrative health and its premier convention in the UK; the Integrative Health Convention. Integrative health, where conventional and ''complementary'' forms of healthcare integrate, is not only taking place around…

Too much and not enough: The perspective of a Rainforest mind

Expert Feature In this feature, we look at life through the complex and rich perspective of a highly-sensitive and deep-thinking mind: The Rainforest Mind (RFM). Many of us will know a person like this. We might work with them, they may be a friend, or someone in our family. We…

Downshifting...but then the easy way

People looking to simplify their life, with more meaning and less rat race, often have to say goodbye to their job, their family, their country. Here, right in the middle of the Netherlands, there are a bunch of people who have managed to simplify their lives, but without the big changes.…

I am old and from now on, everything will go downhill

When we reach a certain age, we expect our body and mind to deteriorate. We count on becoming forgetful and on getting aches and pains all the time. But could some of this also be the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy? That you get what you think? And perhaps more…

Breaking into Song/ Breaking Boundaries/ Breaking Silence/ Breaking the Rules/ Breaking a Habit/ Breaking Waves/ Breakthrough/ Break of Dawn/ Big Break/ Breaking the Sky/ Breaking Bread/ Breaking Free/ Break-fast/ Breaking with Tradition

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Timeless News

Highlighting the world's developments in new ways of thinking
A new podcast "20 Minutes with Leon" is the latest rendez-vous with the world's greatest minds on bioenergy, bioeconomy and carbon removal. The podcast series is hosted by a mascot of the Bio360 Expo, a chameleon, and has kicked off with a talk with filmmaker and writer Mathew Schmid on the topic "The biochar effect." Says the green host Leon: The time has come for new ways of thinking for us here on earth.   The podcast "20 Minutes with Leon &…" has been created by the organisers of Bio360 Expo. The international expo and conference is offering the world a…
We already know that a dog is our best friend. But the powerful images and stories of the books of  photographer from Philadelphia called Woman's Best Friend Project reveal that dogs can also be much more than that. The images are testimony to the fact that dogs can help us through life's ups and downs. And that they can do this when no one else can.    When Kristen Kidd was taking photos at animal shelters of employees and adopters, she discovered how many people were ready to share their personal stories. It was particularly women who told stories that highlighted how their dogs…
The world’s largest trial of 4 Day Week Global in the United Kingdom (UK) has reached its halfway point, with positive signs emerging. With programmes around the world, the multinational coalition of businesspeople, academics, researchers and authors is said to be driving the biggest change in work since the shift to a five-day week a century ago. Is the way we think about work changing forever?   The four-day week pilot programme of 4 Day Week Global is being adopted all over the world in a bid to improve productivity and wellness in the workplace. As reported earlier in Breaking Perspectives, the initiative is known as one…
Thanks to a Belgian awards organiser the best green restaurants in the world are being put in the limelight. We’re Smart World has teams visiting hundreds of restaurants around the world whose culinary contributions consist of at least 60% plant-based food, vegetables and fruits. The teams are in search of innovations that are nutritious, tasty and good for the planet, and participating restaurants are not only evaluated on their culinary creativity, but also on their ecological footprint and social impact. The focus is on fresh produce, healthy cuisine and sustainable agriculture.   Green innovations This November, 2022, the creme the la creme…
“We belong to an incredible ecosystem. One species among millions of others, striving to live together in a delicate balance"   Thanks to a new international (and online) touring exhibition, Our Time on Earth, we are able to 'explore' earth differently. According to London’s well-known performing arts centre the Barbican, the largest of its kind in Europe, our connection with the natural world is one we cannot afford to lose, and the time has come to look at it through different perspectives. Now, thanks to a variety of immersive and interactive installations and digital works from around the world, we can…
For many of us, seaweed as a food may still be quite a new concept. But as we're hearing more and more about its numerous health benefits, we also hear about its other possible applications and environmental benefits. Either way, from the sea to a product is quite a journey, and the Seagriculture Conference provides a place for the latest seaweed experts in the world to come together and help make that happen. Together, they discuss the future of seaweed, the latest innovations and the most up-to-date market solutions, both in Europe and the US.   This year, the eleventh edition of…

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