Breaking into Song/ Breaking Boundaries/ Breaking Silence/ Breaking the Rules/ Breaking a Habit/ Breaking Waves/ Breakthrough/ Break of Dawn/ Big Break/ Breaking the Sky / Glass Ceiling Breaker

Welcome to our international website-magazine Breaking Perspectives. Whatever your background, wherever you are in the world: Are you ready to see life from a few different angles? Or, are you not sure, but are you curious at least? Then our magazine is for you.


Our perspectives have an impact on who we are, the shape of our lives, how happy or healthy we are, and even on the world. Yet we are largely unaware of them. They might fit us, they may be good for our relationships, or they might not. Wouldn't it be good to know? 

The world is changing quite a bit right now and so are we. Not so long ago we thought a vegetarian meal was 'new age', boring and tasteless, and that a working week could only consist of five days. If ever there was a time to rethink our perspectives it would be now, wouldn’t you say?! 

Our magazine presents a variety of perspectives on topics taken from our daily life. Some of our content is of a more rational nature, some of it is from the heart. Some of it is short, some of it is long. It may be philosophical, it may be spiritual, it may be scientific. Above all, we hope it will be inspirational.


Background Features: Here we present to you a special selection of longer background features. They are written by our team, or by experts in their field; all sharing a variety of perspectives. The sections we cover are Health & Mind; Social & Relationships; Worklife; and Way of Life.

Timeless News: We have news. But not just any old news. Our news is not newsworthy, it is timeless and showcases the latest perspectives' movers and shakers and perspectivators from around the world. All the initiatives and game changers that are taking part in shaping the new paradigms of tomorrow's world.

StoryTell Corner: Creative imaginative stories with a new perspective, or an old one, and maybe even a bit of magic. Storytelling itself, said to have started not long after the advancement of language, is known for being universal to human existence, and we hope to engage with you even more in this section.  

Random Posts: From recipes, home-improvements and wacky readers' ideas to mind-teasers and mind-bogglers: Our Random Posts are whatever we want it to be, and they are all by looking through the lens of a new perspective.

Classifieds Ads & AdvertorialsYour special selection (which is still in development) of online training and education, books, coaching, workshops, special events and other opportunities that can help your self-development and find new perspectives in all aspects of your life.

Who we are

We are a small team (it will grow as the magazine does), who are ready to combine and share our personal and professional developments. We each have extensive experience in personal development, and whilst Femke has the background in journalism, publishing and magazines, Jeroen knows everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about website building.

In my fancy office

Femke, Chief Editor and Learner

Trained as a professional camera woman and post-graduate journalist, and drawing on my background in TV, corporate camera work and teaching, I write background features on niche topics for international publishers. I have acted as chief editor and background feature writer for a variety of international business, trade and B2B titles, and have taught at the London School of Journalism. I have also for years freelanced as a camera operator on a variety of TV, commercial, studio and location productions around the world. You can find more details here on LinkedIn. I have worked and lived in the UK for nearly 30 years, and more recently I decided, for now, to return to my roots, the Netherlands. I am intrigued by all things philosophical, scientific, spiritual, as well as how the mind works and what makes people tick. But I prefer to do so without siding with one school of thought, and instead to continue to learn about all there is.

My humble office

Jeroen, Joomla Master and Perspectivator

Dad by day, free thinker by night. Hobby theologist, philosopher, and perspectivator by heart. Social worker and therapist by profession. Trying to contribute towards awareness in my own life and that of others. Website builder, CSS and usability expert, and, although Joomla is pretty new to me, I think I managed to fix some issues here! More about me on LinkedIn.

Work with us!

Do you have something you would like to share with our readership, something with a different perspective on things? Check out some of our opportunities below.

Please contact us straight away, so we can have a virtual coffee chat about the possibilities of us working together!

Do you have a story for us?

Do you have a story to tell, something that happened to you, with a new perspective? Could it feature in one of our Random Posts? Or do you just have something to share, an idea that came to you after reading some of our content?

Submit an article

Do you have an idea for an article? Would you like to write something for us?


We are open to connect with individuals, initiatives, and companies who have a similar mindset as our readership, to see what opportunities we can create for each other. For example, sharing links, or creating linked discounts for readers.


Later on we will be conducting surveys- watch this space!

N.B. Please note: All of our content is written and researched in good faith. If there is anything that needs updating, changing or amending, please let us know ASAP on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About us

Brand new, international Life Mindstyle magazine, reflecting a variety of perspectives in different aspects of our daily lives. Are our perspectives our own? Are they good for us, for others, for the world? They might be, they might not be. Either way, wouldn't it be good to know? Be curious and see where it may take you. 

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