Classified Ads & Advertorials

Classified Ads & Advertorials

Your special selection of online training and education, books, coaching, workshops, special events and other opportunities that can help your self-development and find new perspectives in all aspects of your life.

The Goetheanum School of Spiritual Science from Switzerland is now offering new online training courses and podcasts in the field of biodynamic agriculture. The science-based perspective of biodynamic agriculture is gaining popularity…
---------- Advertorial ---------- Single people: Sad and lonely? Not so much, say an increasing number of people that choose to travel solo. It’s becoming increasingly common for women to travel…
------------- Advertorial ----------   The Gallup CliftonStrengths® Assessment: For the best version of you, your organisation, or your team   For educators, individuals, teams, managers and organisations: Gallup can help…
---------- Advertorial / Interview ---------- The meaning of work is changing with a shift in focus from pay check and stress to wellbeing. One company that is fully engaged in…

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Brand new, international Life Mindstyle magazine, reflecting a variety of perspectives in different aspects of our daily lives. Are our perspectives our own? Are they good for us, for others, for the world? They might be, they might not be. Either way, wouldn't it be good to know? Be curious and see where it may take you. 

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