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Are you ready to take a look behind the veil of some of our commonest perspectives? New content will be uploaded at least every month, and here are some of the topics we will be covering soon. 


LifeStyle/ New Series Announcement: Big Life Conundrums

A new light-hearted series of perspectives throwing the spotlight on those different  "Big Life" conundrums that we just cannot seem to let go of. Some are age-old and still current, some are new, and ideas taken will be from different schools of thoughts; from scientific to spiritual and everything in between; from different people and experts; from the past and today. The series is not intended to find a truth or provide answers, but to see what different perspectives there are...perspectives that often have more overlaps and similarities than we may think.

First topic planned: Fate or coincidence

When we believe in synchronicity, we believe that we can open ourselves to signs around us, guiding us to a better life. Jung, known for having coined the idea of synchronicity, is said to be have always been intrigued by "meaningful coincidences," reportedly calling them "surprising juxtapositions that scientific rationality could not adequately explain."

Do we open a book at exactly the right page, is there a mystical explanation why things happen at a certain time in a certain way, and is something bigger guiding us to a better life? Or, are we suckers for conformation bias and do we interpret things in a way that they confirm to our beliefs or wishes?! Are coincidences signs from the universe, something bigger, or from our subconscious itself, or do they have no meaning at all? Could it be a bit of everything? Could it be none of these options? Here a variety of experts give their perspective on this age old mystery.

Other sample topics planned:

  • Do our thoughts shape our daily lives? 
  • What is "ego" and how is operating from this state of mind playing a role in the future of our planet and the shape of our lives
  • Are humans born either good or evil or is it cultivated 
  • Is there life after death
  • Are some people born lucky or unlucky: Is luck something that befalls us?
  • What is love, a set of chemical processes or is there more going on?
  • It is through science that we proof but through intuition that we discover,’ French mathematician Henri Poincaré is supposed to have said once. What is the value of scientific proof, analytical thinking and logic, versus intuition and gut, or ''inner knowing''? 
  • What is consciousness? 
  • What is the meaning of time? We tend to see it as linear, in front of us, and, for most of us, going quite fast! From some of the ancient Greek philosophers to thinkers today, what is their perception of time?

LifeStyle/ Following the news

If we don’t follow the news regularly, does that make us uninformed, ignorant and lacking in empathy for others in the world who are less fortunate? Does it mean we are sticking our head in the sand? Could watching too much negativity be bad for us and our health? Through some different perspectives, we explore the role and purpose of news.

LifeStyle/ My old perspectives

We all have perspectives that are just perfect for us. In this article, we're going to put the spotlight on them, with examples of people where that is exactly the case.

Social & Relationships: Traditional courting and relationships

In this feature, we will take some time to put the spotlight on the traditional ways of courting and forming relationships. We will find some other perspectives than we may be accustomed to. Are some aspects of dating more 'nurture,' and subject to beliefs and habits, than 'nature'? What kind of 'other' types of partner relationships are being formed? Some people are chosing a life partnership that is platonic; do all primary partner relationships have to be romantic? As life is changing, so are our life relationships. Can a relationship be interpreted in different ways and still be fulfilling and a factor in a happy life?

LifeStyle/ Getting up early

Society is set up for early rising. At work, you would just get fired if you didn’t. People who don’t get up early, are often associated with being lazy, less successful, juvenile, or generally living a student type of life. But, are there any downsides to getting up early most of our days? Is using an alarm clock to wake us up still necessarily in today’s technological age? We will look at some findings and perspective related to genetics. Take our individual chronotype, circadian disruption, and some of its purported effects on our health. Is the way society has been organised as a one-size-fits all beneficial to all, does it make everyone more productive? Some would say not; take a Danish organisation called the B-Society, which is sticking up for Denmark’s sleepy heads, called B-persons, and which looks at how later start times for schools and workplaces could increase the productivity and quality of this type of people. 

Health & Mind/ Coming out of our comfort zone

The notion that we can only develop ourselves outside our comfort zone has been advocated by the self development field for years. But, it there only self development outside our comfort zone? Is our growth always stilted, if we decide to stay in it? Here we look at some different views on this.

LifeStyle/ Eco Villages

Has the time come to update our old perspective of eco villages as hippy-style communes that are hard to get into? In this article, we put the spotlight on some of the latest developments and innovations that are emerging from these types of life forms and that inspiring the rest of the world, including some villages of the Global Ecovillage Network (GENP).

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Brand new, international Life Mindstyle magazine, reflecting a variety of perspectives in different aspects of our daily lives. Are our perspectives our own? Are they good for us, for others, for the world? They might be, they might not be. Either way, wouldn't it be good to know? Be curious and see where it may take you. 

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