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The published material, adverts, editorials and all other content is published in a good faith. 

The publisher, editors, contributors and related parties of www.breakingperspectives.com have made a constant care to make sure that content of this site is accurate on the date of publication.

However, despite the constant care and attention that we devote to the structure of this website and the information it contains, it is possible that the information published on the site is incomplete or incorrect. Errors (in data processing) cannot always be prevented.

www.perspectives.com cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy of the data and content of the website, nor that it is up-to-date at all times.

The information on this website is regularly supplemented and/or modified.

www.breakingperspectives.com reserves the right to make any changes with immediate effect and without providing any notice thereof.

If there is anything that needs updating, changed, or amended, please let us know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



None of the material or viewpoints that can be found on this site definitely reflect those of the makers behind the site.

The views, assertions and opinions expressed in the articles and announcements reflect the author(s) opinions and do not (necessarily) reflect the views of the publisher and editor, nor do they reflect the views of www.breakingperspectives.com, the webmaster, or the internet provider.



The Site assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccurate, delayed or incomplete information, nor for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

The site is not responsible for any opinion, expressed by its author.

The content on the www.breakingperspectives.com website is made available on the terms and conditions that the publisher, editors, contributors and related parties:

- shall have no responsibility for any action or omission by any other contributor, consultant, editor or related party

- disclaim any and all liability and responsibility to any person or party, be they a purchaser, reader, advertiser or consumer of this publication, or not in regard to the consequences and outcomes of anything done or omitted being in reliance whether partly or solely on the contents of this publication and related website, services and products.

- are not responsible in any way for the actions or results taken by any person, organisation or any party on the basis of reading information, or contributions in this publication, website or related product or service.

www.breakingperspectives.com accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage of any kind whatsoever that arises from, or is in any way related to, the use of the website or its accessibility or lack thereof, or information provided through obtained from the aforementioned media, or as a result of claims and opinions expressed in the aforementioned media

perspectives.com can in no way whatsoever be held responsible for the content or the views of its content, nor can it be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from such views, nor does it guarantee or accept liability for any loss or damage of any kind caused by this website and errors and for the accuracy of claims made by the advertisers.



The information on www.breakingperspectives.com (this site) is for information purposes only.

This site is not a substitute for and its purpose is not: professional psychological or health support, advice, support or assistance.

www.breakingperspectives.com cannot guarantee that the information on this website is suitable for the purpose for which you consult it.

The makers, contributors, and authors of the site are not responsible for any negative effects readers may feel they have experienced as a result of reading or seeing something on it.

www.perspectives.com neither guarantees nor supports any product or service mentioned on this website, nor does it warrant any assertions made by the manufacturers of such products or creators of the services.

In light of this, users of this website are always recommended to obtain independent information and/or to perform independent research before using the information acquired via this website.



On this website, you will find links to other websites.

www.breakingperspectives.com cannot be held liable for the content of these websites, nor for the way in which these websites handle your (personal) data.

For information in this regard, read the privacy policy, disclaimer, copyright notice and general terms & conditions, if available, of any website you visit via this site.

On this website you might find links to the websites, third- party content and advertising.  By using our website you acknowledge that and agree that www.breakingperspectives.com cannot be held responsible and shall not be liable for content of other websites, advertisements and other resources.



The author of each article published on this website owns his or her own words.

All rights reserved and nothing can be partially or in whole be reprinted or reproduced without a written consent.

No person, organisation or party can copy or re-produce the content on this magazine/ site without a written consent from the editors' panel and the author of the content, as applicable.

www.breakingperspectives.com, the publisher, the authors and contributors reserve their rights with regard to copyright of their work.

The copyright includes (and not limited to):

The content syndication from the RSS feeds of this publication

The content and/or images used in any of the articles of this publication

Portions of the articles on this website may be freely redistributed in other media and non-commercial publications as long as the following conditions are met: 1) The redistributed article should be linked back to the original link on www.breakingperspectives.com including the words “Read in full, visit www.breakingperspectives.com” 2) The redistributed article may not be abridged, edited or altered in any way without the express consent of the author. 3) The redistributed article may not be sold for a profit or included in another media or publication that is sold for a profit without the express consent of the author. 4) The articles on this website may be included in a commercial publication or other media only if prior consent for republication is received from the author. The author may request compensation for republication for commercial uses.



perspectives.com reserves the right to make changes to any information on this site without a notice. By using this site, you agree to all terms and conditions listed above. If you have any questions about this policy, you may contact us.

Let us know if anything needs updating or changing

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