Editorial and Promotional opportunities

Editorial and Promotional opportunities Pexels Tim Samuel

Be among the first on board of an original, still developing, insightful magazine. Whether you are a writer, or an expert on a topic in a particular sector. Perhaps you are someone offering a service or a product. Whichever way, we have opportunities for us to work together. Our magazine is about what we can do for each other, for our readers, for the world. Let's join forces and create something together. Want to know more? Contact us now


Welcome to our website. Breaking Perspectives is an international, professionally-made magazine. It is brand new and still developing. It presents a variety of perspectives, often different to the norm. The content is about our daily lives. From health and the way the mind works, to aspects of our personal as well as working lives, and everything in between.

Magazine Style

Our magazine is new in more ways than one. It is also new in approach and style. It is not a blog, it is not printed, nor does it fall under any particular classification. Our magazine is for everyone. Our editorial content does not offer a standpoint, it does not present any facts. It merely puts forward a variety of perspectives in all aspects of our lives.

Our content is insightful and upbeat. Breaking Perspectives is also a little philosophical. Whatever people read, see or hear on our site, we also hope it is inspiring and moving and that it gives them a feeling of emotional involvement. And, rather than drawing a conclusion, to become curious. We hope it encourages them to also read about featured topics elsewhere, to talk about them with friends or family.

For more information about our magazine and what it is about, click here.


Core readership: Our readers may be interested in all things psychology, self-development, and health of mind and body. They are interested in the world and all its cultural aspects. But our magazine is especially made to appeal to the kind of people who are not only analytical, but who also dare to look and think a step further. Beyond the obvious and the apparent.

Intermediate readership: Our 'intermediate' readers are people who are open to looking at life from different perspectives. To take a different approach to life. The door is already ajar for them.

Combined readership: What connects all our readers is a certain curiosity, an openness to new ways of thinking, doing and being. Whether they are university educated or not, whether they are spiritual or not, whether they are rich or poor. Whatever kind of background, they are people who would like to read something a little bit different.

Editorial content

Readers can expect a variety of content. There are background articles that are longer and well researched and offer deeper insights. In addition, there is also material that is shorter and lighter in nature, such as the Timeless News and the Random Posts. Then there is room for videos and other types of content.

Going forward, new content will be posted to the site every month, in addition to the incoming material in between.

  • Feature article categories: Health & Mind, Work Life, Social & Relationships and Way of Life. There is also room for personal stories and for articles written by experts.
  • Timeless News: A special selection of the world's most innovative Perspectives Movers & Shakers. Together they provide a snapshot of some of the events, developments and happenings going on around the world, with one thing in common: A new way of thinking, a new approach, a new perspective. Our Timeless News serves to inspire readers.
  • Random Posts: From recipes, home improvements and wacky reader ideas, to brain teasers and mind-boggling ways of thinking: Whatever we want it to be, looking through the lens of a new perspective.
  • StoryTell Corner: Personal stories, sometimes with a touch of magic

Promotional Content

We have room for a selection of Classified Ads. Just like the magazine, this part is in development. They can be smaller advertisements, but also longer Advertorials. The latter are somewhat in between an editorial and an advertisement (which is clearly indicated) and create space for an in-depth story and stunning photography.

Either way, our Classifieds Ads give readers the opportunity to take action themselves. This can be, for example, after they have been inspired by an article on the site, where we help them on their way with a link that takes them to the advertisement.

Our Classifieds Ads are divided into the categories below. This will grow with time.

  • Work & Business
  • Personal Growth, this also includes our professional growth
  • Way of Life

About us

Brand new, international Life Mindstyle magazine, reflecting a variety of perspectives in different aspects of our daily lives. Are our perspectives our own? Are they good for us, for others, for the world? They might be, they might not be. Either way, wouldn't it be good to know? Be curious and see where it may take you. 

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