Breaking into Song/ Breaking Boundaries/ Breaking Silence/ Breaking the Rules/ Breaking a Habit/ Breaking Waves/ Breakthrough/ Break of Dawn/ Big Break/ Breaking the Sky / Glass Ceiling Breaker


From recipes, home-improvements and wacky readers' ideas to mind-teasers and mind-bogglers: whatever we want it to be, looking through the lens of a new perspective

Not checking our mails or to-do list, making a shopping list, or tidying up the kitchen. Not meditating, making a decision to be mindful, and also most certainly not reading…
Cooking Random: Using what is available in our kitchen. No planning. To let our taste and imagination rule the meal, "listen to" what we fancy at that moment. To taste…
Most of us know about Triggers. In psychology we know it as something outside of us that causes an old painful experience and feeling to resurface. But what about Glimmers? An…
We love celebrating the biggest, tallest, most amazing things in the world. But what about the small stuff, the stuff we often overlook? You could say, that looking for and celebrating the…
Have you, by any chance, ever wondered what the perspective on life from a tiny grass blade would be? Somewhere there, like a needle, in the middle of a huge field,…
The human race, we feel superior to Neanderthals, and better than other humans that think, look and act differently. We are above people that have a slightly different colour of…
Mind-teaser: If a city or country had a word, what would it be? Inspired by Eat, Pray, Love...: If a city, country, or continent would have a word or two,…
Nature is awesome.  Nature is incredible. We should be awestruck by it. We owe it to Sir David Attenborough to watch it BIG on a rainy Sunday, on a Huge Screen…
Cultural myth: Complexity "Things need to be complicated to be good" "If something is easy, it cannot be good, or it doesn't have much chance" Building a new home, making…
BREAKING THE MOULD Putting an end to a pattern of events or behaviour, especially one that has become rigid and restrictive, by doing things in a markedly different way. If…

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Brand new, international Life Mindstyle magazine, reflecting a variety of perspectives in different aspects of our daily lives. Are our perspectives our own? Are they good for us, for others, for the world? They might be, they might not be. Either way, wouldn't it be good to know? Be curious and see where it may take you. 

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