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Cooking: Inspiring ourselves

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Cooking: Inspiring ourselves Pexels, Yaroslava Borz

Cooking Random: Using what is available in our kitchen. No planning. To let our taste and imagination rule the meal, "listen to" what we fancy at that moment. To taste and smell the ingredients as we cook. To use what we (vaguely) remember from previous recipes, enjoyable restaurant experiences, or specific cultural dishes we love, and experimenting with what tastes and colours go together and which don't: This is not our usual perspective in cooking is it! But we can, should we wish to do so, tonight decide to inspire ourselves.

From our usual perspective, we tend to cook the way we do in our country. We follow recipes, we cook our signature dish, or make the meals we always make. We make Bangers & Mash, Spaghetti Bolognese, a Chinese Stir Fry. We may even create a Pad Thai. But how about doing something of your own, something new, not necessarily a dish, but to cook with the food you have in the kitchen and see what you can create. It might be a new perspective to many of us, but those who’ve tried it might say it's worth a try!

We are looking for ideas from you, let us know about how you cook in a different way!

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