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Poetry is pompous

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Poetry is pompous Pexels, Janko Ferlic

Little Mind Teaser: Poetry, literature and art are pompous

Poetry, literature and art are complicated, hard to understand, stuffy, and people who like it have probably gone to university and a little bit 'up themselves'


Poetry and literature can be just as beautiful and accessible, just as useless or meaningful, or just as easy or hard to read, as graffiti on an inner-city wall


There are many general perspectives that put art, literature, art house cinema, and poetry on the one side, and mass and popular entertainment on the other, and that only certain types of people like one or the other form. But, is there an absolute truth that says that ALL poetry, art, or literature are hard to read, to everyone? Is there a rule that says that these forms of expression are inaccessible, or only for people who are highly educated? Equally, can we say that ALL graffiti is mindless wall pollution?  Or are these ways of seeing, based on rules that we tell ourselves about forms of art and other forms of expression. Are they nothing but customs, societal habits, no more than myths?

When Steven Spielberg was interviewed by Producer Susan Lacy, there was a point the director was asked whether mass entertainment can be art, and it was asserted her documentary ´blasted holes in the “mass entertainment vs. art” premise, and with it, the idea that Spielberg’s films, and blockbusters as a rule, can’t be serious works of cinema. Can a blockbuster never be art?

Taking our own sweet time

Do we have the option to go out and find out for ourselves what we feel when we enjoy a poem, museum, or art exhibit? Do we have the option to read a poem, read it a few times, and take our own sweet time, and not be stopped by a myth that may tell us it would be too difficult? To decide for ourselves that a ´mass entertainment´ production can be art, or vice versa? 

What do you think? Can poetry be easy to read, can mass entertainment be art, does art have to be serous? Share with us your experience! Can our perspectives on literature and art change?

We would like to leave you with a poem by Philip Larkin. What do you think? How does it make you feel?

Let us know


Pexels, Maxim


By Philip Larkin


What are days for?

Days are where we live.  

They come, they wake us  

Time and time over.

They are to be happy in:  

Where can we live but days?

Ah, solving that question

Brings the priest and the doctor  

In their long coats

Running over the fields.

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