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Homemade washing detergent- anyone?

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Homemade washing detergent- anyone? Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Washing powder: Two perspectives

Crazy Mind Twister: Homemade washing powder is easy to make, cheap, not as damaging to the environment as most store-bought variations, nor is it bad for or health. It is very effective and has a range of other benefits!

One perspective: You buy washing powder in a store, that is the easiest way. The companies that made it, they know about washing powder. They know how to make it, they have the right machines to do it, they have the know how, the experience, and they know what the ingredients do and what their effect is on our washing as well as on our bodies. They have tested their products for safety. It is easy to buy, your washing gets clean, even at low temperatures, as it now often stated on the box, and it all smells lovely afterwards. In fact, you can now buy one that makes your washing smell freshly washed for weeks after, without even having to wash it!

Another perspective: Making our own washing powder can be easy, it can be done in a few minutes. It can be made with simple ingredients such as a bar of Marseille soap and cleaning soda, there are loads of recipes and inspiration to be found online. It can be a nice and fulfilling thing to do, some would even say relaxing. Kids can join in on a rainy Sunday. It can help you practice your patience, help you find your 'inner zen.'  We can add our own smell with essential oils, such as jasmin, orange, rose or lavender. We can play with it and make it perfect for us. It can be something that we are 100% sure of that it is safe, for our health, for our clothing that we wash, as well as for the environment. We don't have to worry about our children accidentally opening it. We can feel safe that every time we use it we are not putting extra stress and pollutants into the rivers and seas. It can mean a lot less unnecessary plastic. It can be hugely effective and satisfying, every time we make and use it.

Home-made washing detergent: Easy and low cost?


What do you think? Is the 'old perspective' still good for you, now you have had some time to think about it? There are thousands of videos and helpful files and recipes online. Did you find a recipe that really worked for you?

Let us know so we can post it!

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