Free online swimming lessons: Now everyone can swim

Free online swimming lessons: Now everyone can swim Pexels, Martin Lopez

Swimming may an enjoyable and essential life skill, not everyone has the opportunity to learn it. A charity form Hong Kong intends to change that. The online video series of the Splash Foundation teaches people how to swim anyone anywhere in the world. From absolute beginners to confident swimmers, from rich to poor, from old to young, viewers can learn the whole swimming journey with the help of professionally-produced tutorials. It is even supported by an Olympic-winning swimming star. Learning how to swim by video may be a novel approach, but if done properly, it enables everyone to learn this life skill.


"I spend my life in the water using all the fundamental skills I was lucky enough to learn as a child," said Haughey Siobhán. Siobhán is not only an ambassador of the organisation, as a competetive swimmer from Hong Kong, she also enjoys being a double Olympic silver medallist and world-record holder.

She added: "I love how Splash offers more people the chance to experience the magic of water and learn a critical life skill. These free videos are a great resource for people of all ages interested in learning how to swim and gaining confidence in the water."

So, what are these innovative series of videos, known as one of the most comprehensive, zero-cost online educational resource of its kind, all about?

Hosted on YouTube, the videos offer the full Splash curriculum developed by professional coaches. This includes the fundamentals of water safety, building water comfort, floating and gliding, rotating, deep water submersion, and stroke techniques. The tutorials are intended for absolute beginners as well as confident swimmers and are said to show a clear progression of the varying skills required to become an efficient and confident swimmer.

“I love how Splash offers more people the chance to experience the magic of water and learn a critical life skill"

For everyone

Gallup has recently reported that the majority of people around the world cannot swim, and in 2019, the Lloyd's Register Foundation World Risk Poll, based on over 150,000 interviews by Gallup in 142 countries and areas, found that a majority of people aged 15 and older (55%) said they cannot swim unassisted.

But, swimming should be a skill offered to everyone, says the charity, and this should include low-income communities, which is why their video tutorials are offered at no charge. In fact, its mix of volunteer and certified coaches have already taught thousands of migrant domestic workers and underprivileged children the fundamentals of water safety and how to feel comfortable in the water.

"Producing and sharing these videos brings us a step closer to our mission that everyone can swim and should have the opportunity to learn," said Splash Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Libby Alexander. "We hope people across the globe use the videos to build their water confidence and enjoy the many benefits of swimming."

“We hope people across the globe use the videos to build their water confidence and enjoy the many benefits of swimming"

Now we all can

A note from the Splash Foundation

Millions of people in Asia can't swim. Why? Because at school, they never had the opportunity to learn. And for many, swim lessons are financially out of reach. That is a problem we wanted to address. So, in 2015 we started Splash, Hong Kong's only charitable organisation teaching under-resourced communities how to swim.
Our concept is very simple. We connect people who know how to swim with people who want to learn. We created a vast network of professional coaches and trained volunteers and provide the opportunity for Hong Kong kids from low-income families, children with special needs, and migrant domestic workers to learn to swim.
Swimming is different from other sports. Our participants learn a skill that might save their lives one day. But it's more than that. They also develop confidence in overcoming something that is scary at first; enhanced mental and physical well-being (there is a meditative quality not found in other sports); and they become part of a supportive community. | | | YouTube: The Splash Story

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