Impact Shakers Awards: Entrepreneurship as vehicle for change

A novel organisation called the Impact Shakers Awards, is putting the types of new-thinking organisations that advocate entrepreneurship as the best vehicle for change, in the limelight. The awards were created to help tackle complex societal challenges, for example through inclusive entrepreneurship, and its first winners were announced this summer. Particular areas of consideration were energy, food and health, as the organisers are looking at how innovative entrepreneurs are getting ready for the world of tomorrow.


The CEO of Impact Shakers Yonca Braeckman said: "The goal of the awards is to help create a fertile environment in which impact-driven start-ups can grow into strong and scalable businesses."

According to the organisers, 'impact businesses' have the power to create ripples that change millions of lives, and the awards are part of a global movement. They also claim the time has come to celebrate those who are play an active role in sustainable economic growth. Through the award ceremony, organisers hope to inspire new European businesses with consideration for the environment, social inclusion and society, and to bridge the gap between impact and profit.

The Impact Shakers Awards is based on 12 awards, inspired by 12 domains of the doughnut economic model, and this year's 12 publicly-voted winning start-ups are from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal and Bulgaria.

Energy, food and health were some categories of this year's awards, and some of winners were chosen for example, for helping and empowering all users of law to understand it and exercise their rights. Others found their way to the top of the awards by developing special technology to help measure, monitor and report on the impact of investments.

This first edition of The Impact Shakers Awards was focussed on Europe and new regions are set to follow.

“The goal of the awards is to help create a fertile environment in which impact-driven start-ups can grow into strong and scalable businesses"

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