A lane of trees in autumn light

When certain things happen in our life around the same time, and somehow, they appear to be strangely connected or meaningful: Do we call it divine guidance, or a mere coincidence? Four perspectives on some of the big questions surrounding the phenomenon of synchronicity. 

A colourful vegetable dish creatively presented

Not too long ago many of us thought that a meal without meat was missing something, or unhealthy. In this interview with 'The Vegetables Chef' Frank Fol we learn about our changing views on food. Turns out: With vegetable-based cuisine a whole new world is opening up, one bursting with colour, taste, creativity and sometimes even a touch of magic.

Old-fashioned alarm clock next to a cup of coffee

The narrative goes that getting up early equals success in life. But, rather than all forcing ourselves to be an early riser, one initiative in Denmark is showing us that it’s not only possible to have another perspective, but that it pays to do so. For health, productivity, for business, says Camilla Kring from the B-Society.

picture of colourful muslins and sunlight shining through

As extreme hot weather seems to be happening more frequently around the world, more and more of us in the West turn to air conditioning (AC). It's easy, it's simple, and it's what we know. But when it comes to this form of cooling, with its high energy usage and potential negative effect on global warming and our health, has the time come to review a few other options and perspectives? 

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Panorama of autumn woods and sky

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