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UK/ A British trust has been driving a novel collaboration between human and animal medicine and the sharing of knowledge. This way, humans as well as animals can benefit from what the UK trust calls 'sustainable and equal medical progress.' It might be an unusual approach, but there is power to be found in sharing knowledge, say the people behind it.

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UK/ A new model for treating psychological distress has been created at the University of Lincoln. Counsellors are now beginning to be trained in 'film therapy', which supports watching or discussing movies or TV as part of a therapeutic process. A range of benefits are being reported for what is being described as a highly accessible form of treatment.

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The Netherlands/ The organisers of an international event are providing a European hub for today’s innovators and investors to be connected and create new perspectives together. That way, they say they can play a vital role in a future-proof economy. Here we take a little peek at what goes on.

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Global/ The new four-days-a-week way of working, aka 'working less whilst earning the same,' has been changing the way we think about work around the globe. As countries continue taking the plunge, some say that the main initiative behind it is driving the biggest change in work since the shift to a five-day week a century ago.

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Global, UK/ As a prospective dog owner, we can choose a pup for a particular breed and associated temperament that will suit us, right? It's been the general narrative among dog owners for a long time. But how true is this link between dog breed and characteristics? New research is telling us quite a different story. 

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