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Are you ready, ready for something new?

Landscape with tree and golden sky as if on fire
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Hey there, yes you, can I just get your attention for a minute? Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world? Please, just sit with me for a moment. Forget your lists, your busy day ahead, your daily troubles. Please don't think I am preaching, or telling you what to do. Or that I know The Truth about things. I don't. I just want to put something to you: Are you ready for something new? 


Some say the world is in trouble. That we are headed for more trouble, and that it is caused by us, humans.

Leaving aside whether this is true or not, or whether what we could do is enough and on time, perhaps we could take this time to use it, to stand still, and review how we live, what our impact on others is with what we do, remind ourselves where all that stuff that we need everyday comes from?

One thing's for sure, do you remember the images of cleaner rivers, so soon after the epidemic started? That our actions play a role in the bigger picture at least? That things are not going to change because we are not going to change?

You could say, the time has come to change the way we live, and it seems to be here already, so we might as well enjoy the ride? So how about today we decide to start to look at things in a different way, to try something new?



Panorama of autumn woods and sky

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